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Central Medical Service

was established with slogan “For Human and the World”
CMS produces and provides contrast media,
which are BONOREX for CT∙ANGIO and BONO-I for MRI.

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Central Medical Service runs
National Project for the Next 5 years.

The Next Generation
Diagnostic MRI Contrast Agent
for the Detection of Cancer.

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OSONG Medical Innovation Foundation

Global Biomedical Research and Development

Smart Idea “Green-Pack”

Central Medical Service invented the Green-Pack, which is light weight and Eco-friendly for effective packing and supplying BONOREX of 500 ml and 1,000 ml. It prevents that the contrast media is altered by light from outside.

Research & Development

In fourth quarter of 2014, Central Medical Service completed phase Ⅲ clinical trial of Iohexol 380 inj., which is high concentration of iodine contrast media, helps to show high quality image.

Leader of Innovation

Central Medical Service was supported to implement the Korean national project which is research and development of the next generation diagnostic imaging agent for cancer by 2018.

Steady Growth

Central Medical Service is in steady growth in the Korean market for years and expanding our business.

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